Update from The WWE

It takes time to turn things around. After years of living beyond my means with too much mindless consumption, I have now started this journey towards financial independence.

Everything is going according to the plan, but it’s a very, very slow process. I started investing back in September and I now have a tiny portfolio of index-funds with a value of around 50.000 DKK (8,100 $).

As you can see I’ve managed to put 10.000 DKK (1,620 $) towards the stock market each month since September and kept my savings rate at >50 % of my take-home income.

The reason I started to get interested in FIRE-theory and blogs like Mr. Money Mustache and Jacob Fisker’s Early Retirement Extreme was to get more freedom and happiness in my life.

However, I think I might have been focusing a little too much on all this financial independence stuff lately. The thing is, even if I manage to keep my savings rate higher than 50 per cent of my income, I’m not going to be anywhere near the point of financial independence within the next decade.

So naturally, it won’t benefit me the slightest to focus too much on my personal finances. I have done what needs to be done. All I have to do is continue to save and invest wisely every month and time will take care of the rest. Moreover, I want to enjoy my life now. Carpe diem, YOLO and all that jazz.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’m not too pleased with my current 9-5 office lifestyle. But I think part of the reason is that I’m still relatively new in the workforce, so I’ve had to give up the freedom and loose schedule I had when I was still in Law School. However, I can feel that I’m slowly getting used to working and there has definitely been a lot of positive side effects.

New job

A few months back I sat down and thought about what I could do to improve my career instead of just daydreaming about financial independence. By coincidence I saw an interesting job posting on LinkedIn, and I knew immediately that I had to apply for the position.

The great thing about this job is that it includes working with young (and older) professionals who wants to work as freelancers, independent contractors or entrepreneurs. It would allow me to combine my personal interest in careers with a high degree of freedom with my professional knowledge of employment law.

Moreover, it would allow me to further develop my skills as a professional advisor and give me an opportunity to actually make a difference and help people.

After a few interviews and tests, I got the job. I’m pretty exited about it, and I see this as a huge opportunity for me to get a meaningful and rewarding career. This also means that my days as the World’s Worst Employee are over. Not that I’ll shut down the blog, I’ll still keep posting about my journey. But I’ll change the focus of the blog. Less whining about work and more focus on how to build a rewarding career. For old times sake, I’ll keep the name.

I’ll also keep interviewing freelancers, independent consultants and entrepreneurs in order to explore how to build a career with a high degree of freedom and independence.

The WWE becomes ‘Country Ambassador’

In other news, I’m happy to announce that I’m in the process of becoming ‘Country Ambassador’ for Denmark in the European FIRE-community behind firehub.eu.

Hopefully, this will allow me to be more involved with other like-minded Europeans who are interested in financial independence.

More info about this initiative will follow later.

11 Comments on “Update from The WWE”

  1. Stort tillykke med det nye job, håber at du kommer til at nyde din arbejdshverdag.
    Og når man opsparer >50% kan det kun gå den rigtige vej.
    Godt nytår

  2. Good luck with the new job, and with becoming a better employee! If you’re looking for freelance consultants to interview, you should check out The Canny Contractor (you can find his blog on FIREhub – for some reason your blog blocks comments that have links in them so I can’t link to him here). He has an interesting lifestyle.
    And thanks for mentioning FIREhub – we’re excited to have you on board as the Denmark country ambassador!

    1. Thank you so much Mrs W! I’ll definitely go check out The Canny Contractors blog and ask if he’s up for an interview! Maybe I could also make an interview with yourself at some point? Anyway, I’m looking forward to work with you and the http://www.FIREhub.eu community 🙂

  3. Hi 🙂 you’re right. The danger of thinking too much about FIRE is that you end up resenting work. The wait feels like a prison sentence. So it’s important to enjoy the journey. Before you know it you’ll have arrived at your destination!
    Good luck with the new job 🙂

    1. Hi Mrs Freedom 🙂 Thank you! You’re absolutely right and I think I’m starting to learn that now. I’m heading over to check out your blog right away – maybe I can learn something that’ll help me enjoy the journey even more!

  4. Congrats to your new job and happy to have you as country ambassador for Denmark for firehub.eu.
    I am not happy with my job for some time now and I will probably stay in the same company but change position.
    Your new job sounds like you might be able to transform in your own business or a freelance position later. Anyways, it sounds interesting and you are excited. Cool!

    1. Hi Noemi – nice to see you around! 🙂 Sounds really nice with the change of position, sometimes that’s all it takes to get motivation back!
      Yeah exactly, that’s what I’m hoping to do at one point. For now, I’ll focus on doing a great job and I sure have a lot to learn!

  5. Hey, congrats on the new role and becoming an ambassador for the FIRE scene in Denmark.

    Too much focus on the FI stuff can be overwhelming and burn you out. Set everything up, switch off and check in on the financial stuff every once in a while. Easier said than done, I know.

    If you wish more insight into the contracting/ consulting arena, feel free to connect:- )

    1. Hi cannycontracter, thanks for dropping by!

      I’ve set my investments up to be done automatically. Now I just have to learn not to look at my account every 30 minutes 😉 But you’re definitely right; too much focus on FI isn’t good for anyone.

      I would very much like more insight into contracting/consulting. I just read a few of your blogposts, and it seems like you have a very interesting and inspiring career! I’ve send you a mail through your site 🙂

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