Hi there and welcome to my blog! I’m The World’s Worst Employee.

I’m a 29 year old guy currently living in Copenhagen. I’ve come to realize that I don’t really like the traditional 9-5 office life, so I’m trying to explore how to build a rewarding career with a high degree of independence and freedom.

Fortunately, we live in a time of great opportunities and the ‘Remote Economy’ is booming. In this blog I’ll explore how to build a modern career in terms of combining a traditional 9-5 job with freelance work, entrepreneurship, side-incomes, creative work etc.

In order to maximise my freedom in all areas of life, including work, I’m trying to become financial independent. This is my ultimate goal as it will allow me to only do work that really matters.

With the words of my favourite blogger Mr. Money Mustache: Work is just better when you don’t need the money.

Moreover, this is also a personal blog about how I’m trying to change my passive, consumer-lifestyle towards a more productive, positive lifestyle. I need to re-think my attitude and behavior in order to reach my goal of living a happy and meaningful life.

So far I’ve stopped drinking alcohol, and I now live a completely sober lifestyle. I’m trying to review my habits in terms of consuming, mindset, exercise, attitude and diet. I’m trying to discover what truly makes me happy and how to have fun in new ways.

I’m currently investing ~50% of my monthly income in index funds in order to become financial independent in 15-20 years.

Personal facts:

  • I’m living with my girlfriend in Copenhagen
  • I’m working as a non-practicing lawyer
  • I like to be active and try new things
  • I want personal freedom in my life

I’ll document my journey in this blog, and I hope to inspire some of you out there!

/ Yours sincerely,

The World’s Worst Employee